One of the most important — and anticipated — releases of HRPyramid debuts at the HRPyramid User Conference in October.

At the previous user conference, plans to retool HRPyramid as a complete web platform were announced. At this year’s user conference, HRPyramid “Vision” is unveiled during the keynote session, as well as important details about the product roadmap so clients can see what’s ahead. Additionally, Davison developers will be on hand to during networking breaks and roundtables to talk further with attendees about the product and new features.

It won’t be all talk though, as attendees will have the first opportunity to get their hands on Vision — literally — with the hands-on interactive demo located in the Davison Corner of the exhibit hall. This ability to “play” is a boon to those who have heard how easy it is to navigate and how intuitive the new intelligent search is, and want to experience it for themselves. For those who are ready to dive in deeper, they can attend a training class offered on Thursday so they can get a more detailed look at Vision functionality and what their organization can do now to prepare for conversion.

With opportunities to see, talk, play and learn, this may be the most interactive HRPyramid User Conference yet.